USB-C to USB Adapter
USB-C to USB Adapter
USB-C to USB Adapter
USB-C to USB Adapter
USB-C to USB Adapter

USB-C to USB Adapter

【 USB C Female to USB Male 】【 USB 3.2 】【 10Gbps 】
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HiDock Adapter



Connector Type

USB C Male to USB Female

Transmission Speed



1.77in x 0.59in x 0.23in

Connector Gender


Frequently Asked Questions

HiDock USB-C female to USB male adapter supports up to 3A fast charging, and it is compatible with Apple USB-C to lightning cable to charge your iPhone 12 Pro. You just need to connect the usb-c female port of adapter to USB-C connector of the lightning cable. Note: Please use the MFI-compliant lightning cable to ensure safe charging.

HiDock USB-C female to USB adapter is a cost-effective solution that provides fast charging and data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. It supports single-sided USB 3.2 gen 2 10Gbps data transfer, which allows us to use a more affordable chip without compromising performance. If you experience slow data transfer, simply flip the device to achieve unparalleled speeds. This was our original design intention: to make USB-C technology more accessible to everyone.

HiDock adapter can work well Gigabit Ethernet adapter as long as it has a USB C port. The adapter can support USB-C female to USB male. And It can work well with your laptop with USB-A port for HDD Data transfer. Note: Please distinguish between positive and negative poles of your cable for fast data transfer.

The highest speed of this C to USB converter is 10Gbps, and the highest speed of Thunderbolt 3 cable is 40Gbps. There is no problem to use USB-A compatible device after connecting, but it can not reach the speed of Thunderbolt 3 protocol (40Gbps).