Patented VoiceZoom™️
Algorithm Empowers HiDock
with Clear Voice

*Hear the difference yourself (For a better experince, please put on your headpgones)
*Recorded in an office where a vacuum cleaner is being used.
*The text sound track is based on standard:ITU-TP.863

Clear Call From Any Background

The HiDock's patented VoiceZoom™️ algorithm reduces up to 45dB of background noise and provides exceptional voice clarity - allowing you to be heard clearly by your team even in noisy environments.

Clear Call From Any Background

Patent-pending AcousticMaze sound cavity that eliminates all standing waves and provides controlled resonance for the 1.75-inch High-Fidelity speaker.

HiDock VS Bose

Professionally tuned to carry vocals ranging from 300 Hz to 8000 Hz. This makes sure that the meeting voice is reproduced with pristine clarity during long meetings without the discomfort of heavy bass sound.

Hear and Be Heard Clearly

With the high sensitivity microphone and fine tuned AGC capability of VoiceZoom™️, you can hear and be heard clearly during any and every remote meeting without being limited by the capabilities of your laptops.